Cleaning The Condenser

  1. Turn off the power at the outdoor unit or on the main electrical panel for safety.
  2. Clear the area around and above the unit, removing grass, foliage, and debris—aiming for a clearance of at least two feet on all sides and four feet above.
  3. Clean the condenser fins which are the thin metallic blades surrounding the outdoor unit (these fins are quite fragile so use a light hand to ensure they are not bent or broken). Check your manual to determine how to remove the outer box to access the fins and vacuum them with a soft brush.
  4. If comfortable, unscrew the fan to access the interior portion of the condenser. Because the fan is wired to the main unit, you’ll need another set of hands to hold it in place while you vacuum out any visible debris.
  5. While the fan is removed, gently spray the fins from the inside out.
  6. Replace the fan, and outside covering.
  7. Restore power and check to ensure the unit is operational.

Cleaning The Indoor Unit

  1. Turn off the power at the unit or on the main electrical panel.
  2. Check the furnace filter and clean or replace as needed.
  3. Open the blower compartment and vacuum any visible dust or debris.
  4. Replace blower compartment door and restore power to the unit.

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